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Webnomysis is best PHP training Vijaynagar Indore with placement. Our PHP Training Institute in Vijaynagar provide live project job oriented industrial training. This PHP course is for any freshers, college pass-out, and working professional.Our trainers have years of expertise into PHP development and training. We also give internship for 3 months during which candidates gain working experience on real projects.We understand the need of company and train individuals based on their requirement. We are expert Woocommerce Development Company. PHP is PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is used to create dynamic websites which interact with databases. PHP is most popular and this technology is used for website Development.PHP is a Server side scripting language often written in an HTML and CSS. Unlike HTML Page, a PHP Script is not sent to a client by the server; instead it is parsed by the PHP Engine. HTML elements in the script are left , but PHP Code is executed. Our PHP Training in Vijaynagar in Indore has best infrastructure for both theoretical and practical sessions. Our PHP training institute in Vijaynagar has been ranked in top 10 by many leading agencies in Indore.Our PHP classes covers all topics from basics to depth so that candidates understands them well. Our many students are placed in WordPress Development Company. Students can contact our PHP Training Vijaynagar in Indore for free demo classes and training

Why Join Webnomysis for PHP Training in Vijaynagar Indore

  • Best PHP Training Institute in Vijaynagar Indore
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Expert Trainers with development experience
  • Live Project Industrial Training
  • Certfication after programe
  • PHP Internship with classes
  • CMS covered: WordPress, Joomla
  • Videos, presenation, material free of cost
  • Minimum Fees in Indore with quality
  • Money back if not satisfied with no question
  • Special arrangement for gap year students

Course Prerequisite and Course Duration

Basic understanding on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is plus , generally which we cover during PHP training.
Normal Track takes 2 months and Fast Track takes 35 days, with 2 hours every alternate day

PHP Course and Syllabus in Detail

PHP training Vijaynagar in Indore

PHP Introduction

  • The origin of PHP
  • PHP History
  • Features of PHP, Advantages of PHP
  • Hardware and Software requirements

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Intro duction of HTML
  • Creating basic HTML pages
  • Form Designing, Tables
  • Working on Frames
  • Introduction of CSS,
  • Understanding CSS selectors
  • properties, Inline, Internal,External CSS
  • Variable
  • Data types Arrays Functions
  • Validation

Fundamental Language:

  • Generate simple PHP script
  • Variables
  • Create
  • Assign
  • Display Variable Values
  • Concept of Data Types
  • Assigning data types
  • casting
  • Juggling
  • PHP Keywords
  • Comments

Operators, Expressions, Conditional ; Loop Statement

  • Arithmetic
  • Assignment
  • Comparison
  • Logical Operators
  • Concatenation
  • Error Suppression
  • Increment
  • Decrement operators
  • Ternary operator
  • If-else
  • If-else ladder
  • Switch For While
  • Do-while
  • For each
  • Nesting of Loops.


  • Introduction
  • Types of Arrays
  • Creating Arrays
  • Accessing Arrays Single-Dimensional Arrays
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Finding Array Size
  • String into Array conversion
  • Variables into Array Conversion.


  • Introduction
  • Creating String
  • Modifying string
  • String Function
  • Execution with string function


  • Introduction
  • Define functions
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Recursion
  • Variables use in functions
  • Functions Nesting.
  • User functions
  • Passing parameters
  • Return value
  • Built in Function
  • Trends of PHP Functions

Files and Operating System

  • Introduction
  • File Streams
  • Open, Create and Delete files
  • Locate the pointer at the beginning of file
  • File locking
  • Determining file size
  • Create Directories and Manipulate them
  • Information about Hard Disk
  • Directory Functions
  • Calculating File
  • Directory and Disk Sizes

Creating Web Features

  • Redirecting users to other pages
  • Creating an Email
  • Sending an Email
  • Configuring Email
  • File Uploading
  • File Downloading Create e-mail Interface with PHP

Object Oriented Programming in PHP

  • Introduction
  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Fields
  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Inheritance and types
  • Polymorphism,
  • Static Class Members
  • Instance of Keyword
  • Helper Functions
  • Object Cloning and Copy
  • Reflections
  • Polymorphism(Over Loading; Over Riding)
  • Abstract
  • abstract Class
  • Interface

Error; Exception Handling

  • Introduction,
  • Types of Errors,
  • Concept of Exception handling,
  • Using Try/catch/throw,
  • Unchecked Exception,
  • Custom exception,
  • Error Logging,
  • Configuration Directives

PHP with MySQL (Data Base Management)

  • Introduction
  • Integration with MySQL
  • MySQL functions
  • Gmail Data Grid options
  • Adding tables to a database
  • Creating a table
  • Connecting to a database server
  • Select/Insert/delete
  • Update Database from forms
  • Uploading and downloading images in Database
  • Registration and Login forms with validation
  • Paging
  • Sorting
  • SQL Injection
  • Prevention of SQL Injections

Cookies and Sessions

  • Introduction
  • Types of Cookies
  • Create and Access Cookies
  • Session Variables
  • Creating and Destroying a Session
  • Passing Session Ids
  • Encoding and Decoding Session Data
  • Auto-Login

Advance PHP

Web Services

  • Introduction to web services
  • XML Introduction
  • Create a XML file from PHP
  • Introduction to JSON
  • Create a JSON Data
  • SOAP, Crate
  • Consume SOAP based Web Service
  • Crate, Consume REST based Web Services

Frame Work and CMS

  • MVC Architecture
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Word Press


  • Introduction to JQuery
  • Validation using JQuery
  • JQuery Forms


  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Servlet and JSP with AJAX
  • Interacting with database


Introduction to WordPress, WordPress installation, Working with post, media, pages, comments, Working with appearance ,user, tools, setting, Working with plugin in WordPress website, Using external plugin in wordpress website,Working with widgets in WordPress,Converting Html template to WordPress theme,CRUD operation using database in WordPress, Creating user defined plugins in WordPress, Creating user defined widgets in WordPress

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