Most large and small manufacturing company face identity verification issues that can lead to serious breaches in data. Maintaining the integrity of employees’ identities is not an easy task but tools are being created to automate the process.

The first issue that a company may face is being able to manage the permissions of their huge database of employees. Mistakes in security authorization always happen in large workplaces and it can have serious consequences. Although, if identities could be thoroughly verified across the board, there will likely be less cases of corporate espionage and theft.

Employee compliance is another issue when employee databases start to get too large. Large corporations set strict rules, in which these rules usually are related to legal due diligence to prevent profit losses. When a database is properly designed, keeping regulations in order will reduce breaches in employee compliance.

Expanding Third-party access

Large companies are increasingly allowing security clearances to third parties. This includes acess to cellphone applications and website permissions to be used for certain purposes. This can be dangerous if errors are made and essential technology is left wide open to the wrong people.

Appriximately 30% of companies will allow third-party clients or partners to have access to sensitive access points. This makes these corporations become overwhelmed with lage databases of people that become impossible to maintain by humans. This is why automated auditing software is needed to close exploits and avoid data breaches.

2. Don’t Sacrifice Usability for Security

A problem with security software designers is that they can go overboard with permissions and closing loopholes that it becomes a nightmare. For instance, removing essential portions of a website that would allow users to scroll more smoothly because it has a security flaw may do more harm than good. You need to evaluate which parts of your software is essential and only cut out the bad parts that are top-priority.

3. Cyber attacks are very expensive for manufacturers

Most people that experience cyber attacks may have their website taken down briefly or their computer has to be reformatted. For a major manufacturer or distributor, just one day of having a database offline can mean a loss of millions of dollars.

What is even more concerning than malfunctioning software or internet vandalism is the fact that security permissions may be changed. If a group of thieves can exploit something to gain access to goods or information. Information may be sold to competitors, which is why corporate espionage remains a great threat to large businesses.

This is way most top corporations are investing large parts of their budgets into cyber security. Older hardware and software are increasingly becoming dangerous to use but some companies are not upgrading. As you may have expected, these companeis are being exploited by hackers at a large scale so these companies are forced to pay big bucks in order to clean up the mess.

What is OneLogin?

OneLogin is one of the most popular and advanced identity management software company in the world. They sell their identity solutions to many high-profile manufacturers to prevent security breaches and data leaks. The user is able to register identity information with social media and cloud-based resources to improve the integrity of the data stored. They offer services such as single sign on (SSO) and multifactor-authentication (MFA)

It has been operational since 2009 and OneLogin has continued with Christian Pedersen as its CEO. The software was inspired by the flaws in Zendesk and they created solutions with increasing productivity within cloud solutions. The software that they provide is also accessible through web-based tools so that it is compatible with most devices.